Woman, 21, severely injured in ‘Dukes of Hazzard-style’ crash speaks out about nightmare


‘I thought I was going to die’: Woman, 21, severely injured in ‘Dukes of Hazzard-style’ crash where she flew 120ft through the air slams tow truck driver for parking in the middle of the road – and says she still has nightmares about the incident

  • Tanaijsha Bruton, 21, was injured in a ‘Dukes of Hazzard-style’ crash May 24 – which left the young mom in hospital for two weeks and undergoing surgery 
  • Her car soared 120 feet in the air before landing upside down, according to police – and footage of the incident went viral
  • The 21-year-old revealed that she can barely remember the Georgia highway horror incident but said she has nightmares and believed she was ‘going to die’ 

By Aneeta Bhole For Dailymail.Com

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A woman, 21, who survived a ‘Dukes of Hazard-style’ horror crash in a now-viral video said she was left severely injured and makes it difficult to sleep.

Tanaijsha Bruton soared 120 feet in the air – struck another vehicle and tumbled end over end before coming to rest upside down during the May 24 Georgia highway wreck. 

Video from the incident quickly went viral and drew comparisons to various TV and movie car chase scenes.  

Bruton told WALB-TV she couldn’t remember everything from the incident, but was shown the ordeal on social media. She said she remembered the pain she felt afterward.

‘It hurts really, really bad. I felt everything,’ she said.

A Lowndes County sheriff’s deputy was responding to an earlier wreck on the day when his body camera recorded Bruton’s sedan flying into the air after driving up the ramp of a tow truck.

Tanaijsha Bruton soared 120 feet in the air – struck another vehicle and tumbled end over end before coming to rest upside down during the May 24 Georgia highway wreck – she said the ordeal left her sleepless 

The astonishing footage showed the moment Bruton’s car flipped after hitting the ramp of the tow truck at full speed.

At the time, a Georgia State Patrol confirmed that a 21-year-old Tallahassee woman was severely injured in the airborne crash on Highway 84, but miraculously managed to survive. Bruton was , who was transported to the South Georgia Medical Center after the crash near Valdosta, Georgia.

The deputy rushed to help Bruton who was transported to South Georgia Medical Center after the crash near Valdosta, Georgia.

In the video, the deputy was seen walking along the stopped highway on the other side while attending to a separate crash.

The camera turned as he faced the other side of the road with the red tow truck in view. 

The red tow truck comes into view as the deputy on the opposite side of the road looks left 

A worker in a vest walks in front of the truck as the black car comes into view (right lane)

Without warning, the grey car behind hits the back of the stopped truck and launches itself

A black car passed as a worker in a fluorescent jacket, who stepped in front of the stopped truck.

But without warning, the motorist in the grey car hit the back of the truck, ripping off a large part of the front bumper as it made contact.

The car was then seen to spin through the air, turning on its side and appeared to hit a black car in the right hand lane.

The deputy sheriff ran to help the young driver while calling in the wreck over the radio.

Debris was seen scattered across the road and in the grass as the officer ran on.

The clip cut out as the officer approached the car, showing the extent of damage to the front of the rolled vehicle.

Local outlet WCTV said that the incident had brought attention to Georgia’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to slow down and switch lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle, including a tow truck.

The car flies through the air. Part of the one of the wheels is pictured top right of the frame

The car turns onto its side before making impact with the ground and the car 120ft in front

The deputy officer witnesses the incident and runs past car parts towards the horror crash

A police report said the car ‘vaulted’ around 120 feet over the tow truck after launching off its ramp. 

Bruton claimed she had been blamed for the collision but said the truck was stopped in the fast lane of the highway with no indicators illuminated.

‘When I go to sleep that’s pretty much what I dream about,’ she said. 

‘It just replays over and over.’

Bruton was hospitalized in intensive care in neighboring Florida. She said her internal injuries required at least four surgeries and she’s grateful to have survived.

‘My family didn’t want to show me the video,’ Bruton said. ‘But of course, I’m hardheaded and got on social media.’

On Facebook, the young mom posted ‘I’m a warrior’ as family and friends sent messages to her to get well soon.

It appeared that Bruton’s story had reached international heights, with some people from Brazil also commenting on her post.

In the days after the crash, Bruton posted ‘Thanks everybody keep praying for me’ with a heart emoji to end the post.

It remains unclear whether Bruton faced charges related to the wreck.


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