With TD pass vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Matthew Stafford now has TD vs. every team but Detroit Lions


It took a dozen seasons, but Matthew Stafford has now scored on them all.

With a 1-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Hockenson in the third quarter during the Detroit Lions’ 34-16 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the 32-year-old quarterback completed the journey of throwing a touchdown pass against every team he’s played against in the NFL.

Stafford had played Jacksonville twice before in his career, threw for over 250 yards in each of those games but didn’t throw a ball into the end zone. And after two rushing touchdowns by the Lions in the first half, it looked like it might happen again.

Then Stafford took three straight throws to the end zone from the 1-yard line, connecting on his third one to be able to say he’d done it against every team except Detroit, the squad he’s played for his entire career.

It was also Stafford’s 265th touchdown pass of his career.

Stafford said there wasn’t a particular focus to get him the touchdown, and therefore the touchdown mark.

“Not really. It was entirely too hard to score down there on a couple of those,” said Stafford, who was wearing a suit for his post-game Zoom conference because it was the only way he could transport his garment back to Michigan after the game. “I was trying to throw another one to Hock earlier and [Jason] Cabinda thought it was coming to him and he knocked it out. It was a tough series to get it in there but it was nice to score.

“I’m just happy that our team got in the end zone, run or pass. Obviously we got a couple rushing touchdowns today, which was awesome, and I know the guys up front love that, I know the guys on the sideline love that, it’s awesome to watch us run it in so I was proud of the guys up front for doing that but as far as I go, I just wanted to score. Cool that we had the touchdown, nice that I got the stat. I’ll just keep it moving.”

Stafford is the 27th quarterback to achieve the feat, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

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