Why Do We Continue to Attract the Same Conditions?

attracting the same conditions

Your life is a mirror of your personality

Almost everything that occurs in our lives mirrors our internal state of being. It has to be this way since no two people will take away the same lesson from their experience as another. Consequently, it emphasizes that our thoughts are externalized in our reality, whether or not we are aware of it. Many people struggle with this concept and want to adjust their external circumstances in order for their inner state of being to match with their external conditions. For example, if we are dissatisfied with our current state of singleness, we will seek a mate. If a relationship falls short of our expectations, we may decide to end it because it has failed to meet our requirements in some way. The similar phenomenon occurs in various aspects of one’s life. We try everything we can to make the world around us better, to make ourselves happy. This, however, is a formula for catastrophe because the key to happiness is to reverse engineer the process of discovery.

We must first modify our thinking, and then we will attract ideal conditions that are consistent with our inner image of the world. Do you think you can relate to this? Have you ever gone through something similar? It’s a regular occurrence because we are convinced that the only way to achieve happiness is to alter the external circumstances of our lives. Unfortunately, we are powerless to change them and can only influence our internal state of being as a result.

Creating a favorable environment for bad events

Begin to connect your thinking with your genuine desires, rather than attempting to control external circumstances to your advantage. Consequently, it is not your circumstances that decide the quality of your life, but how you respond to them that determines your quality of life. You must determine why you continue to attract the same set of circumstances. For example, do you find yourself attracting the same terrible events over and over again? It could be a problem with your finances, health, relationships, or professional life. I understand how annoying it may be because there was a period when I was attracted to challenging situations without knowing why. With all of my problems swirling around in my head, I couldn’t see past them.

When I stopped attempting to influence external conditions and accepted responsibility for my own difficulties, my quality of life improved dramatically. I came to terms with the fact that I was attracting unfavorable circumstances and realized why these patterns kept repeating themselves. I dealt with my childhood scars, which included feelings of wrath, resentment, and humiliation, all of which were interfering with and destroying my happiness. Even though I was aware of what I wanted my life to be like on a conscious level, my actions did not correspond to my innermost thoughts. There was a misalignment between what I desired and what was actually happening in my life. As a result, I examined my old ideas that were contributing to my bad experiences and revised them to be more consistent with the new reality.

You Are Not Helpless In Your Struggle To Make A Difference In Your Life

It may appear to be a lot of hard work at first. Who needs to hurry when one keeps repeating the same patterns and inviting terrible conditions to one’s life. It’s common to hear people say things like “It was meant to be,” but what I’m hearing is resignation and apathy in their remarks. Someone is speaking to me who does not feel in control of their life and who believes they are powerless to change their situation. Our attitude has a direct impact on how we respond to our problems. Our response is the means through which we assert control over our circumstances, rather than allowing them to overcome us. Our fundamental views about reality are reflected in the external world. When people believe that life is either wonderful or bad, I strongly disagree because life is completely unbiased. It is a hidden mirror that reflects what we are thinking and feeling at the moment.

Do you have the impression that you possess more power than you realize? May you see how, by directing your thoughts in a different way, you can change the course of your life? You are not need to repeat the same criteria over and over again. I’m going to assume that because you’re reading this essay, you’re drawn to the message that these words are conveying. So you want to make changes, but you are afraid or unsure of how to go about doing so? And that’s fine with me. It’s quite acceptable to be scared and unsure of how to get out of your current situation; this indicates that you will continue to look for solutions. But don’t think for a second that you are helpless to make a difference in your life. From your current vantage point, it may appear that way because you are preoccupied with the problem rather than the solution.

It is only when we take a step back and look at our difficulties from a different viewpoint that we can truly transform our lives.


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