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Four days after announcing that he’s joined the 2020 election race, Kanye West revealed that he already has a running mate. Learn more about Michelle Tidball, a Wyoming preacher who could be Ye’s VP.

Though Kanye West has yet to file any paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, and has missed the deadline to appear on the ballot in five states, he’s still serious about running for president — and he already has his running mate. Kanye revealed in an interview with Forbes that his top choice for a running mate on the Kanye 2020 ticket is Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming. Here’s what you should know about Michelle before she possibly becomes our next vice president.

1. She’s a preacher and biblical life coach. Michelle, 57, runs the website Yarash, which is a Hebrew word meaning “to seize or to inherit.” She offers biblical life coaching for $65 per 50-minute sessions. Michelle asserts on her site that biblical life coaching will “help empower to make, meet, and achieve your professional and personal goals.” That includes helping clients “understand God’s will” and focusing on the “Present/Futures rather than focusing on the past.”

2. She lives in the same town in where Kanye owns his 4000-acre ranch. It’s unclear how Michelle and Kanye know each other, but it’s possible that they’re neighbors. Michelle is based in Cody, Wyoming, the town where Kanye owns his sprawling West Lake Ranch. And, you know, where North’s 14 Friesian horses hang out.


3. She’s said in that past that she doesn’t watch the news. Michelle also hosts teleconferences as part of her services as a preacher. She admitted during a recent session, according to Forbes, that she never watches the news. There’s a good chance she doesn’t even know that she’s running for vice president yet.

4. She studied mental health and criminal justice in college. “I have various degrees in mental health and criminal justice,” Michelle writes in her bio. “I worked as a mental health therapist for ten years and then shifted into life coaching. This seemed a good transition helping people get ‘unstuck’ in their lives using biblical principles and wisdom.”

5. She runs the nonprofit Abundant Ministries. The nonprofit is a bible study program. She also previously served as an executive director of the Bright Futures Mentoring Program. “I have been involved in almost all aspects of ministry including speaking, pastoring, prayer, teaching, and the most time spent in bringing deliverance to those who are in bondage,” Michelle’s bio reads. “My heart has always been to walk in maturity and to bring others into maturity to be about His business and see the completion of things He mandated before the foundations of the world.”

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