“We Owe Our Life To This Legend Of a Leader”-Tyson Fury Not Happy With Boris Johnson

Tyson Fury

The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury has stirred a lot of controversy after paying tribute to Sir Winston Churchill.

Several anti-racist demonstrations have taken place, with the various statues of Churchill being ‘defaced’ with graffiti sprayed all over them. Sir Winston Churchill was known for his extremist thoughts when it comes to a person’s race. He had mentioned it many times in the past that the White race is superior and the black race is less superior in what he called ‘Social Darwinism’.

After the recent murder of George Floyd protests have taken place all over the world. Despite Churchill’s shrewd comments, Fury pointed out that it was because of him that the United Kingdom is in peace. He also asked Prime minister Boris Johnson to ‘grow a pair’ and stop people from destroying the statue.

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“He made it possible to live in the world we know today”-Tyson Fury

“This is the great man Sir Winston Churchill, a man who saved millions of lives in the UK and around the world. He made it possible to live in the world we know today. Don’t forget if Hitler would of won the war there would be no blacks, gypsies, or Jews in Europe as he would of killed them all. We owe our lives to this legend of a leader, Sir Winston Churchill I salute you as a patriot of England and the world heavyweight boxing champion and the Gypsy King. Boris Johnson, grow a pair. Do not let anyone desecrate our great leader’s monument” said Fury on Instagram

Fury recently revealed he has suffered various racist taunts and jibes as he comes from a traveler’s background. The Gypsy King said that he has been denied entry in certain places due to his ethnicity.

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