Watch Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Get Him Back!’ music video, shot on Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro


It looks good. Like really good.

Olivia Rodrigo is once again making waves — this time with the release of the new music video for her single “Get Him Back!,” exclusively shot on the newly unveiled iPhone 15 Pro.

The collaboration with the tech giant for the video is part of the rollout for Rodrigo’s critically acclaimed sophomore album, GUTS. It also serves as a showcase for Apple’s latest flagship phone, which boasts impressive enhanced image stabilization, expansive dynamic range, and faster processing capabilities.

The song itself is an energetic and emotional rollercoaster about the conflicting feelings of liking a guy who really doesn’t like you back. The video highlights Rodrigo’s artistry and talent and demonstrates the power of the iPhone 15 to create professional-grade content.

Apple collaborating with artists to boast about the abilities of its phone cameras is nothing new at this point. Last month, K-Pop group NewJeans released “ETA,” which was entirely shot on the iPhone 14. Selena Gomez shot “Lose You to Love Me” on an iPhone 11 Pro. Even more impressively, director Steven Soderbergh filmed the psychological thriller Unsane on an iPhone 7 Plus way back in 2018.

Still, though, if Apple wants to build hype for its new flagship device, this is the best way to do it. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are available for preorder on Sept. 15.

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