Waiting for the Spirit Online Retreat Day Six


Welcome again to Waiting for the Spirit! Thank you for your presence and participation in this online retreat. Feel free to post your reflections in the comments area below each day’s content as we encourage one another in prayer.

The Grace I Seek

I pray for the grace to recognize the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.

Come, Holy Spirit Prayer


Read today’s Scripture readings: May 27, 2020, Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter.

Mark Thibodeaux, SJ, reflects on today’s Gospel, John 17:11b–19. Thibodeaux is author of Ignatian Discernment of Spirits in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care and Reimagining the Ignatian Examen.

For Further Reflection

The Holy Spirit helps us to grow in holiness.

The Trinity is a communion of Persons, a relationship of three in one. As such, each Person of the Trinity helps sanctify us. The Latin word sanctificare means “to purify, cleanse, or to make holy.” The Holy Spirit helps us grow in discipleship by sanctifying us and our actions.

As you reflect upon your relationship with the Holy Spirit, ask yourself the following question: When you pray, which member of the Trinity do you pray most to: God the Father? God the Son? God the Holy Spirit?

—Julianne Stanz

Take some time to ponder the message that God shares with you today through the Scripture readings and reflections. When you are ready, proceed to the closing prayer.

Closing Prayer

Rebecca Ruiz leads us in prayer.

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