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USA Newspapers – USA News App contains 15k+ newspapers of USA. Now all of them are in your pocket. You can read through them as we as bookmark and share news with others. All newspapers of USA are well organized based on states of the country and categories of newspapers.

Platform: Android
Download Link:

Features of USA Newspapers – USA News App – All:
✓ 15k+ newspapers – Read all of them on your phone
✓ Favorite List – Make favorite list with your favorite newspapers
✓ Bookmarking facilities – Bookmark the specific news for further reading
✓ News Sharing – Share news with others as well as in social sites
✓ List of the most popular USA Newspapers under popular Tab
✓ List of All USA Newspapers at a glance under All Tab
✓ List of USA Newspapers according to states of United States of America under States Tab.
✓ List of Newspapers according to specific categories under categories tab.
✓ Search Option to find out the specific newspaper
✓ Inbox Us – Inbox Us to send recommendation or add your newspaper
✓ 6 Different Themes – There are 6 different themes to view the app with your prefer color scheme.
✓ Super Optimized Settings – Super Optimized settings options like #1. Stay Wake when reading newspapers, #2. Load Image or not to reduce the consumer of data and to load the news faster. #3. Open non-mobile/responsive sites in desktop mode to get the better view of pages. #4. Text resizing options while reading newspapers #5 Clear application cache and much more.

Platform: Android
Download Link:

All of these the most important and the useful features for reading newspapers make the USA Newspapers – USA News App a rich, elegant and unique newspapers’ app on the google PlayStore. As we think it’ll be much more helpful for newspaper readers to read, bookmark for further reading and share with others and especially who is interested to read United States of America’s (USA) or American newspapers. Because the USA Newspapers – USA News App contains most of the American newspapers and we always try our the best to find out new newspaper’s sites and add them to this app. That’s why the number of newspapers’ is increasing gradually. You also can send your own newspaper’s link to add into it or any other recommendation. Our support team will be prompt to make a response to you. We always love to hear from you either it may relate to USA Newspapers – USA News App or others.

Let’s take an overview on some awesome features of USA Newspapers – USA News App:
The most important features in there, you can get all newspaper of United States of America according to its states and types of newspapers. It’ll be pretty much helpful to find out newspapers of the specific states or categories. You also can see there a search option ( top-right corner ) to search the specific newspaper by its name.

USA Newspapers – USA News App also have some awesome graphics features. You can find there 6 different themes. You can pick up any of them that is the best suited for you.

USA Newspapers – USA News App provides some user-friendly screen setting options, for example, Stay Wake – to configure screen will never sleep or not while reading, Text Sizing – you can set different types of text size as your convenient to read newspapers smoothly, Zoom In, Zoom Out and much more.

And finally, as one can get most of the newspapers of USA throughout this app as well as can read and bookmark for further reading and share news with others in the best way. That is why we can consider the USA Newspapers – USA News App as the best app on USA/USA Newspapers – USA News App. Hope everybody will enjoy it and use it read and keep oneself updated with daily newspapers and news of USA.

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Platform: Android
Download Link:

Developer Team | USA Newspapers – USA News App

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