USA: Nearly deserted JFK airport ahead of Trump's coronavirus travel ban


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Footage filmed on Thursday evening shows one of the busiest international hubs – John F. Kennedy International Airport – nearly deserted in New York City, just several hours before Donald Trump’s travel ban to the US from most of Europe comes into force.

The announcement made by US President Donald Trump on Wednesday night that all travel from European countries to the United States, except for the UK, would be suspended for 30 days in response to the coronavirus pandemic led to confusion of US carriers, panic at European airports and another global stock market meltdown.

The new regulations however only apply to non-US citizens who have travelled to 26 European countries in the last 14 days. The Americans can continue European travel but will be screened upon returning and asked to self-quarantine for two weeks.

European Union leaders have already denounced Trump’s move, saying in a joint statement that “the US decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation.”

“The coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent, and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,” European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in the document.

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