US protests: Memorial service for George Floyd +++ Trump threats rebuked | DW News


A memorial service has been held in Minneapolis for George Floyd – the African American man killed by a white police officer last month.
Mourners stood in silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds- the amount of time it took Floyd to die as the police officer held his knee on his neck. Floyd’s death has sparked protests across the US with demonstrators calling for an end to discrimination and police brutality. Civil rights activist, the Reverend Al Sharpton, said it was important to keep fighting for justice.

Donald Trump’s threat to send in the US military to deal with civil unrest in the US has been met with a stiff rebuke. Trump’s former defense secretary, Jim Mattis, has accused the President of trying to divide America. And even his current Pentagon chief, Mark Esper, has said he doesn’t agree with Trump’s threat to send in troops.

W talks to Margaret Kimberley about these issues. In her latest book, Prejudential. Black Americans and the Presidents, Margaret Kimberley examines the role of all 45 US presidents in America’s relationship with race. Margaret Kimberley is a peace and justice activist and editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report, a news and opinion website and radio program.


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