US Newspapers – Puigdemont will hand himself in to “true” justice in belgium, and “not to spain”


Puigdemont will hand himself in to “true” justice in belgium, and “not to spain”
©Belga The former Catalonian PresidentMinister Carles Puigdemont said he wanted to hand himself in to “true justice in Belgium, but not to Spain” in an interview with RTBF in Brussels on Friday. He said he hadn’t run away, but he wouldn’t have been able to prepare his defence properly in Spain. Mr Puigdemont criticised the “extremely barbaric actions” of the Spanish government and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. He also accused them of orchestrating the recent events which led to several members of his team being sent to prison. At the same time, Mr Puigdemont called for “political dialogue”, which he considers the “only solution” to the current deadlock. Carles Puigdemont says the situation requires “politics, which Mr Mariano Rajoy never employs”. He had some harsh words for the Spanish Prime Minister. “He used the General Prosecutor, courts, police, even entrepreneurs”, he lamented. “It’s not right that we are facing 30 years in prison for listening to the electors”, he said. He said it was all “extremely barbaric we can only call it democracy if you have to play by the rules. I was elected. What are elections for? The will of the Catalonian people was illegally crushed by Mariano Rajoy’s government”.Andy Sanchez Source Belga



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