UK Travel Quarantine: The UK Lifts Quarantine For Travellers & USA, China & Portugal + are Left Out


UK Travel Quarantine: The UK Lifts Quarantine For Travellers & USA, China, Russia & Portugal and more Countries are Left Out

The UK Lifts Quarantine For Travellers
The UK’s Travel Quarantine is Lifted, But Countries like USA, Canada, Russia & China are still in place

A two-week quarantine period for those entering the UK has been lifted for some travellers to England.

The quarantine policy was introduced in June to protect public health against imported coronavirus cases

But travellers from 59 countries including France and Spain are exempt from quarantine from 10 July.

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The UK Lifts Quarantine For Travellers

What are the quarantine rules?

Currently, anyone, including UK nationals, that arrive in the UK by plane, ferry or train are asked to provide an address where you will self-isolate for 14 days.

You may be fined £100 for failing to fill in the form with these details.

It is expected that one out of five eligible passengers will be called or texted to check they are following the rules.

If you are in England, you could be fined up to £1,000 if you fail to self-isolate.

Up until 26th June, no-one has been fined by the UK Border Force, and details of police fines for failing to self-isolate haven’t been published yet.

When you arrive in the UK, you should drive your own car, where possible, to your destination address.

If you don’t provide a destination address you will be staying at, the UK government will arrange accommodation at your expense.

Once you arrive at your destination you must not use taxis or public transport.

You also must not go to work, school, or public areas, or have visitors except for essential support.

That means you are also not allowed to go out to buy food, or other essentials, where you can rely on others or services to provide it for you.

Where Does the Lifting of Quarantine Apply?

Residents and nationals of the UK will be free to travel without facing the 14-day quarantine if they have travelled from the list of countries outlined by the government on the 3rd July.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has published a list of countries where the Government has abandoned its quarantine policy.

Arrivals into England had previously been required to quarantine for two weeks from June 8, but now France, Spain and Italy are among the countries that can be travelled to and from without the need to quarantine.

Scotland is expected to keep strict rules in place for all countries until July 15.

Both Wales and Scotland haven’t decided whether to ease quarantine restrictions.

But from a public health perspective, we have to be able to consider all options if it is required to try to stop a resurgence of infection in Scotland

Wales too has made no decision on whether the devolved region of the UK will follow England and ease restrictions on non-essential overseas travel.

Currently, tourism in Wales is not due to re-open until 13 July.

Because of this restriction in Wales, residents for other parts of the UK are able to take holidays in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other European countries but can’t go on holiday to Wales until the 13th July.

Northern Ireland will still quarantine travellers arriving from outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

– Noticeable countries not on the list:

There is a glaring number of omissions from a number of countries and allies to the UK.

These include Canada, the US and much of Central or South America.

Countries in Africa, the Middle East and most of Asia are also excluded.

Travellers from Sweden, Portugal, Russia and anywhere else are also not on the list will also have to quarantine.

China is also not on the list of countries that do not have to quarantine.

Travellers from within the Common Travel Area (Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands)

– Other Exceptions
– Do other countries have quarantine rules?

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