Two ways to make Newspaper Plant Pots (the simple way + the origami method)


What do you do when you want to make newspaper plant pots but don’t have one of those special tools? Learn to make them what what you have on hand. In this piece you’ll learn how to make biodegradable plant pots using just newspaper and a few things you already have in the house. No need to invest in a pot maker.

I introduce two ways to make them. The first is a round type that takes less than 30 seconds. The second is a beautiful origami box style that will take a little longer. They stack together really nicely though.

I literally learned how to make these today so I’m certain that you’ll be able to pick it up just as quickly. If you have any questions please leave them as a comment below.

Also, when choosing paper, use standard newspaper that’s been printed in black and/or color ink. Both paper and ink are biodegradable. Avoid shiny paper.

These pots will last a few weeks before breaking down. When it’s time to plant your seedlings out, you can pop the pot in the ground, newspaper and all.

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