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Twitter is testing a co-tweeting feature, as per mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi and social media consultant Matt Navarra.

The two posted a test tweet, where both their usernames are displayed and clickable above the written content.

Paluzzi has been tweeted about the development of the collaborative feature since December 2021, showing followers the evolution of the tool. He said it is not officially available just yet.

According to the tweets, users can send an invite to “co-tweet,” which the invitee can subsequently accept or decline. Essentially, a user can’t just add another person to a tweet without permission. If accepted, the written tweet will apparently show on both users’ timelines.

These invites show up in the notifications tab or in DMs. Navarra posted a screenshot which shows a pop-up message from Twitter, displaying the co-tweet request and also adding the stipulation that “you can remove yourself anytime” from the tweet.

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