Trying to get away from God

running from god

God is making an attempt to gain your attention

Running away from God is something that can be learned. Increasingly as we grow older, our perception of God shifts from one who is there with us and pursuing us to one who is distant —- a God who only shows up on Sunday mornings at the church service. Instead of a God who is constantly chasing after us, attempting to grab our attention, we begin to chase after God, attempting to get God’s attention ourselves.

Psalm 139 is fairly straightforward. We don’t have to chase for God’s attention since we already have it, thanks to Jesus. David expresses his dissatisfaction in verse 7:

Where am I supposed to go from your Spirit?

Where can I go to get away from your gaze?

God is physically present with us. God, on the other hand, is more than present with us; He KNOWS who we are. In fact, He doesn’t follow beside us; rather, He follows within us. We do not have to go to church in order to find God. We are not need to ensure that our lives are completely free of sin in order to find God. God has found us regardless of our circumstances, regardless of our state of being, etc. We can get disoriented and dizzy as a result of our own spiritual vertigo, yet God is always with us, beckoning us back to Himself. Despite the fact that we may turn our backs on God, God is always facing us.

GOD rules and overrules everything

It is impossible for you to overturn a human counsel or work: but if it is the work of God, you will not be able to overthrow it, lest you be shown to be fighting against God himself.” (See Acts 5:38-39 for details.)

If there is some evil device or plan in the heart of man that God does not intend to use and develop into good in the end, He will prevent it from happening, and man will get upset because his plans have failed yet again. Is it really worth it to spend a lifetime fighting against God when in the end it will be man, rather than God, who will be victorious? However, if we align ourselves with His will, voluntarily and cheerfully, we become one with the power that never fails.

“The Lord thwarts the schemes of the pagans,” says the Bible.

And frustrates the efforts of simple humans; –

The designs of the Lord, on the other hand, are eternal.

For all eternity, His heart’s desires are being carried out,”

(Psalm 33:10-11, translated by Ferrar Fenton.)

He has a 360-degree view

“For the actions of a man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He considers all that He does.” (Proverbs 16:9) (Prov.5:21). In order for something to be affirmed in the mouths of two witnesses, we include Hebrews 4:13, which states that “all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to deal.”

There are no “cover-ups” that He is not able to see through to the truth. There will be no masks that He will not be able to see through to the true state underlying. It’s all exposed in front of Him. He sees no distinction between darkness and light. “A man’s thoughts plot his course, but it is the Lord who directs his steps and ensures their certainty.” (Proverbs 16:9)

He has complete control over the outcomes

How many times have we imagined everything in our heads, only to learn that when it comes time to put those ideas into action, the entire course of events has shifted? “The ways of a man are ordered by the Lord,” according to the Bible, who rules and overrules. Psalm 37:23 is a good example. “The dice are thrown, but the final choice is entirely in the hands of the Lord — even circumstances that appear to be coincidental are actually orchestrated by Him.” Proverbs 16:33 says that

Living by the Rules of Someone Else’s Life

“Christ My Life” is a song about Jesus Christ.

Colossians 3:4 (NASB)

Whenever something negative occurs, or whenever I feel embarrassed, or whenever I make a movement of self-effort, knowledge-based spirituality, or any other reliance on anything other than Christ as my life, it must be exposed for what it is: the Illusion of independence and the ability to BECOME more spiritual. There is only ONE life that is holy. As a result of my oneness with Jesus, I am a partaker of the Life that He offers.

What is Christianity and how did it come to be?

Christ is the center of Christianity. Christians believe that Christianity is His character manifested in my actions, and it is this belief that distinguishes me as a light for the world. Because of my relationship with Him, I become what He is fundamentally: His Manifestation (mirror). (I Corinthians 6:17) No one can earn a holy life, and no one can replicate it, copy it, WWJD it, or do anything else to make it happen. It’s not something you can memorize your way into or seminary your way into. You’re curious as to why? Due to the fact that it is already yours IF Christ is in you. Living a holy life is not a goal to strive for. There is nothing you can do to increase your holiness by your own efforts. A commodity like holiness, love, or patience is not something that can be obtained in greater quantities! You will not be able to obtain any of these “properties” by exerting further effort.

Holiness is not something that can be purchased; rather, it is a person. Love is not a product; rather, it is a human being. When it comes to patience, it is not a commodity; rather, it is the fruit of A Person—the Holy Spirit. Although “The Word” is His written record, “The Word” also refers to a person: “In the beginning was The Word, and the Word was with God…”

Christianity is a project that begins from the inside out

“Everything that God IS inherently for me, I am His Manifestation (reflection) for the rest of the world to perceive because of my inner oneness with Him.” In the same way that when Jesus was asked to show the disciples the Father, He exclaimed, “He who has seen me has seen the Father,” I am a manifestation of His life in the same way that I am an expression of His life. (See also John 14:9) The beautiful, the bad, and the ugly things that happen to me in this life are all intended by God to disclose to me that I am a person who lives by the Life of Another, namely, His Life.

5:19, 30, Jn.6:57, Jn.7:38, Jn.12:49-50, and II Cor.6:16 are all references to Jesus. The Bible with an amplifier.


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