Trying Jayson Shaw's Reverse Bank Shot | Your Average Pool Player


How many tries does it take an average player to do what professional pool players do on the first try? Your Average Pool Player attempts Jayson Shaw’s 3-rail reverse bank from the finals of the 2016 Deurne City Classic. Jayson Shaw had to take down 3-time World Champion Niels Feijen in a bank shot tournament, and drills a ludicrous reverse bank with position.

While attempting this shot I learned a lot about how balls react off a rail, but I’m still a little unclear about whether it’s more important to spin a ball into a rail or to just blast it in. If you can answer the question at 2:12, please let me know in the comments. Efren video here:

Thanks to Society Billiards in New York City for the location and thanks to Orange Fork Productions for the footage.

The track used in the video is ‘Rest’ by Otis McDonald:



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