Three smaller-market teams that could trade for Soto


It looks like the Juan Soto trade market won’t be a competition between the richest teams in MLB, and several small or mid-market teams could be serious players for the All-Star.

The news that superstar outfielder Juan Soto could be up for grabs ahead of the Aug. 2 MLB trade deadline sent shockwaves through the sport. For weeks, players like Luis Castillo and Willson Contreras were viewed as the biggest names that could be moved to a contending team. However, with Soto available, it has changed how many teams will approach the deadline.

Since the 23-year-old reportedly turned down a massive 15-year, $440 million offer from the Washington Nationals, the speculation has been that big-market teams like the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets would be the front-runners to secure a trade for Soto since they have the money to retain him long term. However, it seems that the Soto trade sweepstakes will not be just for the organizations with deep pockets.

On Friday, The Athletic’s MLB insider Jim Bowden reported that there are several small-market clubs that would mortgage their futures just to have Soto for two and a half seasons at a discount arbitration rate.

“There are also small- and mid-market teams like the Rays, Mariners, Cardinals, and Padres that would trade a bevy of top prospects and major-league players for just the two and a half years of control remaining on Soto’s contract.”

Jim Bowden on Juan Soto trade market

3 ideal small and mid-market organizations that could make a Juan Soto trade

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