Three people are killed and one critically injured after neighbor dispute turned deadly as cops launch manhunt for ‘armed and dangerous’ on-the-run prime suspect Hanme K. Clark who escaped in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck

  • Hanme K. Clark is on the run after he allegedly shot four of his neighbors
  • He managed to slip past several law enforcement agencies in Colorado
  • He and at least one of the victims had a history of civil property disputes  

By Perkin Amalaraj

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Police are hunting for an on-the-run killer after he allegedly shot four of his neighbors, killing three and injuring one, in rural Colorado

Hanme K. Clark, 45, reportedly carried out the shooting in an apparent property dispute at around 1pm on Monday in a wooded area near Rocky Ridge Road, outside of Westville, Colorado, which lies around 140 miles south of Denver. 

Custer County Sheriff’s Office, one of several law enforcement agencies that are hunting Clark, revealed that two men and one woman were shot and killed before they arrived.

A fourth victim, a woman, was airlifted to Colorado Springs, then sent to Denver, in a critical condition after taking ‘multiple’ bullets to the chest. 

A shelter-in-place order was given just before 1:30pm as several law enforcement agencies, including state police, were locked in a stand-off with Clark, who somehow managed to slip through police lines and escape. 

The order was rescinded at around 8:15pm. 

Hanme K. Clark (pictured) is currently on the run, and is being hunted by several law enforcement agencies

Three people died, while a fourth victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital to deal with multiple gunshot wounds to her chest 

A spokesperson for the force said that Clark and ‘at least one of the victims have been in previous civil disputes about property lines’, but did not elaborate.  

Clark is now at large, having fled the scene in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. 

Custer County Sheriff’s Office said his car also had a camper shell on top, and carried a Colorado license plate which reads: BHLK27. 

While the force urged locals to call 911 if they see Clark or the car, it said its officers were confident they’d be catch him soon. 

‘We have a very good lead on almost exactly where the suspect and the vehicle are, and we’re working with another law enforcement agency to take him into custody,’ a spokesperson said at a press conference. 

They added that anyone who sees Clark or the vehicle should not approach.  

Chaffee County police, which is also investigating the shooting, described him as six feet and three inches tall, with brown hair and brown eyes, weighing roughly 200 pounds. 

The force also warned that he may be accompanied by a woman, though did not describe what she looked like or her relationship to Clark.

He allegedly shot four people in a wooded area in rural Colorado on Monday afternoon

(File picture) Clark is said to have escaped in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck


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