The Truth Of Aligning With Spiritual Romance


Cultivate A Greater Sense of Spiritual Romance In Your Life and Relationships

The Truth Of Aligning With Spiritual Romance

To understand how to cultivate spiritual romance…

Let’s start by looking at what the meaning of romance really is!

Because yes, on the spiritual path there are beautiful opportunities to cultivate a greater sense of romance in your relationships, and even, romance in your day to day life.

But to truly manifest romance… Its key to first understanding what it really is.

So What Is Romance?

The modern definition of romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery around love.

That in and of itself shines a light on how you can cultivate romance in your life, and highlights the truth that romance is not just reserved for intimate relationships.

Look for the magic, excitement, and mystery within and all around you.

Lean into what you are excited about in your life, and that excitement has a way of multiplying.

Yes, romance in relationships in the form of mystery, excitement, and magic around love is wonderful.

But what happens when you start looking for the underlying love in every moment? Choosing love? Responding with love…

And really leaning into the present moment with love?

With this approach to life, you cultivate a profound sense of romance in your everyday life.

And by consciously focusing your attention on love, you call more forth!

And the thing is, when you really fall in love with your life, when you embrace the present moment and relish with delight in the beauty, magic and mystery of your experience…

When you follow your passion, joy and bliss and delight in the sheer magic and mystery of existence…

You become a vibrational match for that same love, magic, and mystery to enter into your relationships.

When you cultivate romance in your life, in your surroundings and in how you feel…

That same romance you carry within your energetic field has a natural way of manifesting through relationship as well.

It’s not storybook romance… Rather its authentic, awakened, and true to you.

True spiritual romance around what you find to be the most beautiful, wonderful and magical expressions of love.

The Ancient Definition of Romance

But wait… There’s more!

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When you look at the ancient definition and etymology of romance, there’s another layer to this story and an even deeper level of meaning as to how you can cultivate it.

The word romance actually comes from the 1300s, where it was originally used to describe a type of play in which there was a knight or hero who embarked upon a journey.

The romance was the story… The hero’s journey.

This is huge!

Cultivate A Greater Sense of Spiritual Romance In Your Life and Relationships

Because when you let yourself become the hero of your own story…

When you own your truth, and give yourself permission to embark on your own hero’s journey… To follow your creative inspiration, listen to your inner guidance, trust your hearts calling, find your passion, and stand in your authenticity…

You naturally align with the magic of life, the mystery and excitement of love in the present moment and you bring so much of the true magic and love that is possible in life into your own experience.

When you commit to yourself, to being the hero of your own journey and embodying your highest divine truth through resonance, through taking control of your thinking and feeling and actions and through creating…

You can truly align with your highest possible timeline and your most vibrant life.

And though this in your personal heroes journey, and in your relationships, the magic and mystery of love can be realized.

True spiritual romance can be created, felt and embodied.

Melanie Beckler



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