The Purpose of Angels


Messengers of God

The term “angel” comes from the Greek word “messenger,” which means “messenger.” Saint Thomas Aquinas and other theologians believe that angelic beings were organized into nine choirs, each of which consisted of nine angels, as described in the Bible. Each choir is made up of three hierarchies, each of which has three choirs. Seraphim, Cherubim, thrones of angels, dominion, virtues, and powers, principalities, archangels, angels, and thrones are depicted in ascending order from highest to lowest. I believe there are as many different varieties of human personalities as there are different types of angels. Each Holy Angel, in my experience, is a unique being with a distinct personality and a reflected light from the Source of all Light.

Historically, the Holy Angels have been regarded as Divine Fragments. Breaking a beautiful glass vase with a variety of colors into bits is something we could do. It would be the Holy Angels who would be these Divine Fragments, which reflect the Light in a unique way according to the shapes and colors of the Fragments, and who would be able to communicate with one another. They can be seen of as fragments of divine essence or consciousness, which is how they are depicted in the Bible. When it comes to their strength, the Holy Angels are unlike human people in that they never forget where it came from. It is a gift from God.

Each angel has their unique set of responsibilities and skills

A guardian angel is assigned to each individual. Individuals may, on the other hand, be assigned more angels for certain tasks or needs. Every angel, including fallen angels, has a unique name that they bear. This reinforces my confidence in the reality of angels who have individual identities and personalities, as demonstrated by this.

The creation of the manifest universes, according to many thinkers and saints, took place before the creation of the angelic realms. Angels, according to some, were created at the same time as the material cosmos. While there are some discrepancies in theology, practically all faiths and philosophical schools of thought believe that angels are pure spirit who have never taken on physical form. According to the New Testament, angels temporarily take on human form. (See Heb. 13:2 for more information.) “And don’t forget about hospitality; some people have surprised Angels by entertaining them.

Angels More Advanced Than Humans

Angels are considered to be spiritually superior to humans by certain theologians, while others feel that angels are spiritually more advanced than humans by others. Theologians generally agree that there is a hierarchical structure in the angelic worlds. According to all reports, angels within their own hierarchies receive commands from those in authority and are required to carry out these orders.

Both angels and humans were given the ability to choose. Not all angels, on the other hand, are loyal to God. The subject of fallen angels is not the focus of this essay. It is intended to be a discussion about the Holy Angels.

The Angels of the Most High

Throughout history, there have been numerous saints and prophets who have been aware of the existence of the Holy Angels. Padre Pio, along with other Catholic saints, met and spoke with his guardian angel, who was present during the meeting. The Old and New Testaments both feature descriptions of angels coming and playing roles in humanity’s life, both personally and impersonally, as well as their interactions with humans. According to the Revelations of Saint John, the Holy Angels will continue to work with humans on earth and from Heaven until the end of time.

Humans are primarily familiar with the archangels Michael, Auriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, who are the most well-known of the four. In general, however, it is recognized that seven archangels preside over angels in the ninth and lowest choir, which is known as the lower choir. Seraphim, in the opinion of academicians including St. Thomas Aquinas, represent the highest angels in the heavens. They will spend eternity in the presence of God, contemplating him. Angels who engage with humanity are classified as Principalities, who are the lowest and last in the hierarchy of angels. Our closest angelic choirs are the Archangels, and our next-closest choirs are the angels. They have the ability to contact us at any time for support, protection, healing, spiritual guidance, or assistance in any way.

God’s Representatives

My understanding is that when we invoke the protection or help of angels (and I’m not a theologian), we are talking with the five lowest choirs of the angelic choir hierarchy. The one that is the closest to manifestation. These angelic beings have the ability to serve as Divine agents and messengers, carrying messages from God to the surface of the planet. They have the ability to heal, lead, protect, and educate us. They, like the saints and Our Lady, have the ability to intercede on our behalf before God. It is also possible for humans to invoke the assistance of angels to assist others for a variety of causes and objectives.

Prayers are answered by angels

When we pray, their response is rapid and swift in a way that we can’t comprehend. They are not constrained by the constraints of time and space. I have never witnessed an angel refuse to assist someone who is in need. Many stories have been told about angels sent by God who have avoided mishaps and even pushed individuals out of harm’s way or transported them to a safer location. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware that they exist, let alone that they can provide guidance and protection. Physical, emotional, and spiritual safeguards can all be used to protect oneself. St. Gregory wrote that there is no visible universe without the agency and protection of invisible beings, and that this is supported by scientific evidence.

Angels, in contrast to humans and other earthly creatures, are not bound by the confines of time or space. The angels, in contrast to humans and other creatures on the planet, are unable to comprehend all of the nuances and shades of emotions and thoughts. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for any human to be both all good and all wicked at the same time. Angels, on the other hand, have this fundamental definition. Angels may be more straightforward because they are physical manifestations of God. Angels are pure spirit, hence I don’t consider them to have a bodily shape in the traditional sense. They are the first to be created, despite the fact that they did not exist in our universe at the time.

In addition, it appears that holy angels reflect the Light of God more directly than humans in their appearance. The term “reflection” alludes to the reality that angelic beings appear to be more pure reflections of the eternal Glory, Beauty, and Power of God, as opposed to other creatures. It’s almost as if the Divine light is pouring through holy angels and radiating out of them as a sheet of glass is being poured through them. Despite the fact that we humans are reflections of God, we are not pure spirit. Our physical bodies have the ability to block away the Divine Light that emanates from our Souls.

Angles versus Humans

Humans were created in the image of God, and the Trinity is imbedded in their very beings. People can reach mystical unity with God while still on this planet through practicing virtues, deep prayer, grace, and the development of virtues while they are here on this planet. All that God makes comes from the same source and essence, so I don’t regard it as an issue of “higher than” or “lower than,” but rather as a question of “more than” or “less than.” “as well as theologians Angels and humans are both created beings with the ability to choose. Each individual has a unique relationship with God. Each creature must make a decision about whether or not they desire to confront God.

Understanding Angels are there to serve a purpose

The Holy Angels are perplexed and tempted by our human reality, but they are not perplexed by our human reality. They never lose sight of God or the existence of a higher Reality. They never forget where their strength comes from: from God. They can see both our world and theirs, and they are aware of both our similarities and our differences. Holy Angels that I have met have a sweetness and beauty, as well as luminosity and strength, that are not available to people in the same way. Despite their Divine Intelligence, they frequently have little to say, if anything at all. They communicate in plain, basic, and direct language. They frequently share information or ask inquiries – or both – with one another. This group of people has offered me with direction, clarifications, advice, and even divine directives through their “conversations.” They are God’s messengers, and they serve as intermediaries between the realms.


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