The NDTV Dialogues: Spirituality in modern India


On The NDTV Dialogues our focus is spirituality in modern India, focus at a time when the world is gearing up to celebrate International Yoga Day, a sense of pride in ancient Indian tradition but not without accompanying controversy with some political parties saying this is all about propagating ideology. We however expand the dialogue beyond this. We look at why spirituality is trending like never before. Where does the line end between spirituality and religion? Joining us on this, Javed Akhtar, poet, writer and an atheist; Amish Tripathi, bestselling author of ‘The Shiva Trilogy’; Nivedita Joshi, Yoga practitioner; Dr Purushottam Agrawal, former JNU professor; and spiritual leader and founder of Isha foundation Sadghuru Jaggi Vasudev.

Watch full show:



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