The ‘MLB batting champions’ quiz


The Washington Nationals won their first World Series championship back in 2019, but since then the team has, more or less, been in rebuild mode. But even as general manager Frank Rizzo overhauls the roster, it’s abundantly clear that the team would like to keep its best player, 23-year-old Juan Soto, in D.C. for a long time. Recent reports have the Nats offering Soto a 13-year, $425 million contract extension, and while he is yet to sign, it would appear that Soto wants to be part of the Nationals for many years to come. “Everybody wants to go to free agency and see how the market is going to be for them. But for me, I really don’t know if I want to go there or if I want to stay here. I feel really good here.”

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. Soto is a natural hitter, as witnessed by his batting title in 2020, when. he led the NL with a .351 batting average. So with that in mind, how many of the league leaders in batting average since the 2000 season can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!

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