The first Trump-Biden presidential debate



Presidential debates: When the whole world is watching

 In 1961, Walter Cronkite asked former President Dwight Eisenhower whether a sitting president should participate in campaign debates.

“I can’t think of anything that’s worse. Any man that is an incumbent has to stick to the facts. He’s a responsible man debating with someone who, if he chooses, can be irresponsible.”

President Trump does not share Ike’s concern about sticking to the facts. The opposite; he has so boosted the fact-checking industry, it counts as government stimulus.

Read more analysis on presidential debates from “60 Minutes” correspondent and CBS News political analyst John Dickerson here or watch in the player below.

Presidential debates: When the whole world is…



How Biden and Trump are preparing for the first debate

Leading up to his first debate with Joe Biden Tuesday, President Trump has dispensed with traditional formal rehearsals and scripted practices. Now, Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller and counselor to the president Hope Hicks feed the president flash cards and videos in between stops on Air Force one to prepare for Tuesday night. 

Mr. Trump has frequently cited his study of the Democratic presidential nominee. “I don’t want to watch, but I have an obligation, you know. I am competing with somebody. You don’t want to compete with somebody and say, I’m not gonna watch my competition,” Mr. Trump told supporters at an airport hangar rally in Bemidji, Minnesota, last week. 

Read more about Trump and Biden’s campaign prep here and watch the report in the player below.

Trump, Biden prepare for first presidential d…


 Nicole Sganga, Bo Erickson and Fin Gomez

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