The Ferrand Cognac Légendaire Showcases A Subtle Yet Artistic Blend



As one of the world’s premier boutique producers of fine spirits, and the architect of the historical spirits movement, Maison Ferrand was founded in 1989 with a mission to preserve age-old, craft production methods that capture the true expression of the spirit, whilst upholding a commitment to revisit the classics when advancing innovation. Unveiling the release of the most exclusive cognacs ever produced, the all-new Ferrand Cognac Légendaire utilizes some of the Maison’s oldest stocks, including liquid that is a century old.

Conceived from a vineyard on the Angeac terroir in the heart of Grande Champagne, Angeac-Champagne is part of what connoisseurs call the “Golden Triangle”, a highly reputed micro-terroir comprising the best parcels of Grande Champagne. Thanks to the area’s extremely chalky soil, the Ferrand Cognac Légendaire is expected to possess the qualities and necessary acidity of exceptional wine.

Critically distilled under the watchful eye of the fifth generation of cellarmasters, the Ferrand Cognac is distilled slowly, in small onion-shaped pots with a 25 hectolitres capacity, which help concentrate the aromas and flavors from the wine. Comprising of fresh “Eau de Vie”, from the still and aged in small oak barrels kept in seven different aging cellars at Logis d’Angeac, the Ferrand Cognac is aged in various casks and “toasted” to different levels, in order to avoid excessive bitterness caused by exaggerated tannins or oak.

Worth approximated $2.8K, the Ferrand Cognac Légendaire is characterized by its maker’s subtle and precise art of blending. Enclosed in an elaborate hand-carved wooden box, only an exclusive set of 500 bottles of the Ferrand Cognac Légendaire will be made available worldwide.

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