The Erdman House by Lutah Maria Riggs’ Goes on Sale For The First Time


Caught between the magnificent Santa Ynez mountains and some of California’s most beautiful coastline, this sprawling Montecito residence lies just east of Santa Barbara, amidst eight-square-miles of lavish estates, luxe compounds, and secluded manors. Dubbed the Erdman House, this property by American architect Lutah Maria Riggs, spans a full four knolltop acres of land, representing a stunning example of mid-century vernacular.

Listing for the first time in fifty years, the Erdman House embraces the principle of shakkei in its relationship with the surrounding Santa Barbara scenery. ‘Shakkei’, which is Japanese for ‘borrowed scenery’, is the principle of “incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden” found in traditional East Asian garden design. This principle thus suggests that four design essentials were met during construction. These essentials included, an interior garden, natural and pre-existing elements, and man-made optical illusions.

As the first woman to ever be named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Lutah Maria Riggs is lionized for her compelling works of art. Deemed one of many rare finds and heavily sought-after treasures, the Erdman House is currently worth an estimated $7.5M. Featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and 4 half-bathrooms, this property is complete with a combination of sleek black tiles, carpeted rooms and hardwood floors, alongside walls of glass and clean white coats.

Extending outward into a sharp U-shape, the house facilitates room for a pool, courtyard, and garden of eucalyptus trees. Showcasing an assortment of sculptures, plus a notable series of contemporary works along the winding driveway, the Erdman House boasts panoramic views of its neighbouring mountains and ocean setting, with private fences and garages. Available for a virtual tour, the Erdman House is currently listed under Compass Agent, Susan Pate.

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