The #1 Best Meditation Cushion You’ve Never Heard Of …


The Best Meditation Cushion You’ve Never Heard Of Until Now.

Best Meditation Cushion

I recently decided I wanted to get a new meditation cushion, and as I was geeking out researching the available options, I kept seeing people talking about the Alexia Meditation Seat.

While sort of goofy looking to me, and definitely not a budget option… The Alexia Meditation Seat was consistently touted as being one of the most comfortable meditation cushions on the market, and the best for developing perfect meditation posture.

And… Spoiler Alert! I love it… And it is!

According to the makers of the Alexia Meditation Seat: This cushion is designed to support you in cultivating an ergonomically correct meditation posture, so you can “find your ZEN”.

Sounds great right?

While totally a marketing slogan… Keeping your spine straight and upright in meditation, and your pelvis aligned does support mental clarity, and help you to stay alert.

And of course, comfort is key for longer meditation sittings, and so you don’t spend your entire meditation fretting about how uncomfortable you are.

Available for upwards of $300, The Alexia Meditation Seat is definitely expensive, but as a daily meditator, I decided that if it really is more comfortable, then it’d be worth paying the premium price.

But the question remains…

Does the Alexia Meditation Seat Really Live Up To The Hype?

Is it really worth paying the premium price for the Alexia Meditation Seat? And is it any more comfortable that using, say using a Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion together (which you can get for over half the price)?

This is exactly what I set out to find out.

Here’s what happened…

Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushions

I purchased the Alexia Meditation Seat as well as the Hugger Mugger Zafu and the Hugger Mugger Zabuton Meditation Cushions to put them to the test.

In case this “Meditation Cushion Lingo” is new to you…

A Zafu is the name of a traditional round meditation cushion that when you sit on the edge of it, it supports you in raising up your hips, allowing your legs to relax, and supporting you in sitting in an upright position with your spine straight.

A Zabuton is a cushion designed to be placed under a Zafu to offer cushioning for your knees and ankles. Its MUCH more comfortable than meditating with a Zafu on the floor, or even on a soft blanket.

Meditation Cushion Review Results

The Best Meditation Cushions

The Hugger Mugger Zafu/ Zabuton Meditation cushion combo I ordered arrived at my house first, and so I started meditating on them right away.

The Zabuton used in conjunction with the Zafu really made for a comfortable meditation cushion experience.

Together, these two cushions offer a nice and stable, supportive and cushioned base for meditation.

The cushions help you to find an aligned and upright posture so your energy can flow and your mind enter into a clear and present meditative state.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Hugger Mugger Cushions and with the Zafu/ Zabuton style of Meditation Cushions in general.

But compared to the Alexia Meditation Seat?

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And what if you really do want the absolute Best Meditation Cushion?

When the Alexia Meditation Seat arrived at my house, and I had a chance to compare it against the Zafu/ Zabuton Combo… It won hands down.

As soon as I sat in the Alexia Meditation Seat, I felt the difference, and how its ergonomic design really did help me to effortlessly find a properly aligned meditation position.

You really do get what you pay for…  

And after months of testing out both of my new cushions, and lots of wonderfully deep meditation sessions, along with just as many short and distracted sessions in both, I can confidently say that the Alexia Meditation seat is the closest thing I’ve found to meditating on a cloud.

Its not only that the Alexia seat is softer and more cushiony that the Zafu/ Zabuton alternative…

But it also really does help guide you into an easy seated position with perfect posture.

The way the seat is designed, it has ample space for your feet and legs to fold underneath you without putting the pressure of your body weight on them. This means less pressure on your knees, hips, and ankles which equates to more comfort in your meditation sessions.

For me, this meant keeping my right leg from falling asleep as often… (this is still a bit of an alignment issue I’m working on).

For my husband who has tight hips it meant he could actually sit in a meditation post without pain or strain.

So The Best Meditation Cushion?

If its in your budget to purchase one, the Alexia Meditation Seat really is an incredible meditation cushion, and the very best I’ve ever experienced.

It comes with a Vegan Leather or Fabric cover option as well as in a variety of colors.

However… I do know that budget is a concern for many people, and so if you aren’t in a position to spend over $300 for a meditation cushion…

For a great Zafu/ Zabuton cushion combo for right around $100 Click Here.

Or for a bit more $$, the Hugger Mugger Zafu And the Hugger Mugger Zabuton combined are also a wonderful option for your next meditation cushions.

Hope this is helpful for you!

Happy Meditating, 

Melanie Beckler



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