Start Living In A State of Higher Consciousness Now!


How are you flowing with the current energies?

We’re traversing a pretty major passageway right now leading towards a profound energetic opening and power point on December 21st, 2020.

Throughout this time, there are truly incredible levels of bliss, heightened presence, accelerated awakening and gifts from Spirit just waiting for you to open to them.

But the busy nature of ordinary mental consciousness can make the bliss waves and deep spiritual communion openings easy to miss!

If you spend your time cycling consciousness through endless information and mental busyness, perpetuated by the social media realms, it has a way of heightening the loud mental chatter of ego and your ordinary mental consciousness.


A higher conscious state of bliss, connection and inspiration awaits!

Make it a priority to create some space…

To shut off your phone, log offline and get out in nature. (I’m actually writing this outside right now from a sweet little campsite surrounded by National Forest).

Tune into the life force and creative Spirit Presence vibrantly thriving, held and embodied by the trees and plants…

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Shining through the Sun and shining forth through the magic of the awakened Earth.

Relax and allow the vibrant life force energy of the Earth to harmonize and awaken your energetic field to a new level.

And/ Or…

Tune into the space and stillness within you!

Dive inward with your awareness. Enter into Presence and allow your consciousness and energy body to be balanced and nurtured by the still inner space and Presence you always have access to within.

Let your mind still and your heart light up with an awakened level of presence and Christed Light.

This creates a opening in which you can receive the Bliss, Blessings and Light of the Divine, the Infinite, the All…

This recharges and resets your energetic field. Opening you to incredible gifts, blessings and light.

Harmonizing you with the brightest blessings now and with the highest Divine Possibilities for your life.

With so much love,

Melanie Beckler



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