Spirit Healer Tarot ~ Gemini ~ Holiday Love & Spirituality Readings ~ December 2018


Hello Gemini! Welcome to your holiday reading for December 2018.

To Donate to Spirit Healer Tarot for the holidays, please click here:

Your holiday donations are very happily accepted and will be put towards my travel fund for my homeland reunion in the Philippines, January 2019. Thank you for your support! I’m excited to reconnect with my homeland and to bring forward any new learnings and teachings that happen during my travels.

While I’m in Asia, I am not offering any online 1:1 readings or online 1:1 soul healings. (The time difference is too incompatible and WiFi connections are not consistent.) I’ll be back in the USA in February 2019 and will reconnect with my online clients at that time. Much love and happy holy days to everyone. May you feel all the gifts of the season and receive all your new years blessings with open hands and warm hearts. Dream well, dream forward, dream new dreams! ❤️⭐️🌲

To connect with me (ask a question, find out my reading rates, etc.) you may email me at: spirithealertarot(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tarot Decks used:

The Pagan Otherworlds – by Uusi Publications (Linnea Gits & Peter Dunham)

Oracle Cards used:

Love Letters to Earth – by Nicole Adriana Casanova

Animal Spirit Deck – by the Wild Unknown (Kim Krans)

Freya (my spirit name)
Spirit Healer Tarot



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