Something has shifted … –


Something has shifted.

Have you noticed that as we now fully step into this month of April there is a newness in the air?

Yes, this is in part due to the regeneration of the Earth and the emerging forces of Spring …

Yes, it’s partly due to the intentions that were planted at the New Year, and around the Equinox that are just now beginning to sprout and take root…

And it’s in part a response from Spirit to the sincere prayers and requests for support and guidance.

So much is happening for you now.

I’m writing you this morning to remind you of the simple power of leaning in, and welcoming each and every moment as being new.

Every moment is a new beginning …
Every sunrise a new light …

And yet so often we copy and paste how things have been in our past, into the present.

But what if you chose to truly let go instead.

To forgive what has been …

And embrace the new energy that is coming into your life now.

Embracing the newness of you, and all that means and entails…

This is a wonderful opportunity to reset.

To empower your habits…

Reconnecting with your inner Soul brilliance, light, and truth…

Allowing your inner beauty to rise and shine forth to harmonize with the cosmic laws of the Universe …

Allowing the blessings of Spirit to co-create with and through you.

I love this passage from Sr. Rudolph Steiner in The Souls Calendar, written for this time of year:

“When from the depths of the soul, 
the spirit turns toward the external world, 
and beauty wells forth from far and wide, 
then, from distant heavens
the Life-force draws into human bodies, 
and, powerfully active, unites
the spirit’s being with human existence.” 

With love and bright blessings,



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