‘SNL’ and Keke Palmer reboot ‘Kenan & Kel’ with a gritty twist


Not every old show from the 90s needs a gritty reimaging. Kenan Thompson probably agrees with that too after he’s convinced by Saturday Night Live host Keke Palmer to reboot the Nickelodeon classic Kenan & Kel as “Kenan & Kelly.”

Goodbye Good Burger and hello to Rigby’s, the new convenience store where Kenan and Kelly work at. Kelly gets up to similar hijinks as Kel once did except these moments are immediately followed by dramatic monologue and confessions of infidelity and secret babies. As Kenan notes during the on-set interviews, “We just started and I think we have a tone issue.”

Will this be the performance and the show that’ll get Keke Palmer her fated Emmy Award? Definitely not. But at least we got to see Kenan and Kel reunite on screen again.

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