Ryan Reynolds Hops Aboard the Bode Bus


Ryan Reynolds, patron saint of nice, normal outfits, really thrives in the daytime. Don’t get us wrong: the man looks good in a suit, as many superhero movie-fronting actors do—but there’s something about the way he makes regular ol’ shirts and pants look like put-together pieces you’d want to wear, too.

But even maestros of simplicity need to update their arsenal from time to time, to get some new verve into the rotation. Enter this pink-and-white quilted shirt from Bode, which Reynolds wore en route to a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. It’s an ideal mellow statement piece: the colors, a muted candy pink and a creamy off-white, are gentle enough to go with the proverbial Reynolds flow. Paired with his standard uniform of khakis, a white tank, and high-tops, the quilted shirt becomes like a swipe of pickled ramp aioli on an otherwise classic BLT—just enough of a little something to make you think, “Ooh, that’s fun!” (Same goes for the stack of rainbow-pony-beaded “Dad” bracelets, presumably crafted by one of his three young daughters, on his wrist.)

As of late, a Bode quilted shirt has become something of a gateway garment for Hollywood men who, like Reynolds, may typically err towards nice, normal outfits. Designer Emily Bode brought her breakout brand out west earlier this year, opening Bode’s first Los Angeles boutique to the delight of local aficionados—and certainly many a celebrity stylist—who no longer have to travel to the brand’s Lower Manhattan headquarters to source their wares. Even as they’ve become more popular, Bode’s considered, textile-centric designs have maintained a distinct versatility: on, say, Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, or Seth Rogen, they can be a singular IYKYK pièce de résistance; on Jordan Peele, Brett Gelman, or Utkarsh Ambudkar, they can be the whole damn kit and caboodle. Plus, though Bode’s still based in New York, those folkloric clothes sure make a lot of sense in California.

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