Remember the Power of Love


Blessings and Blessings of Love abound.

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Love is awakening within humanity and the Earth to an entirely new level.

Love which transcends limitation. Love which empowers full Soul knowingness, wisdom, and remembrance to embody through you.

Love is a powerful force that is rewriting what is possible for humanity.

One of the core themes in the awakening of humanity now – that’s both the challenge and opportunity – is to embody Love more fully than ever before.

To be an embodiment of love in the face of fear, uncertainty, and all that arises.

Through embodying love, you play your key role in the awakening of humanity from the old paradigm into the new.

Love illuminates the way through.

Don’t forget that love is always available to you.

Love aligns you with your divine soul song, and with the truth of who you really are as a divine light being.

Love aligns you with your unique gifts and with all that is possible for you in this life.

Embodying love is about taking responsibility for your state.

It’s recognizing when you’re sliding into a negative pattern and choosing to shift.

You’re not alone in this. Your angels and guides in Spirit are with you and available at every moment to support you, invite their help in.

Open your heart to the divine love that’s available, and surrounding you in every moment.

Consciously choose to tune in to love.

Allow love to be your ally and your guide …

Relaxing, softening, and opening to the love within and all around you ..

So your energy can blossom like a beautiful lotus flower, and you can awaken to more and more of the truth of the Divine being of Love and Freedom you are.

Love, love, love,



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