👫❤️Relationship Goals | From Best Friends To Lovers


So today, I just wanted to be on some lovey, dovey stuff w/ my baby since it’s our 1 & a half year Anniversary today while sharing our journey so far with y’all! We been FAITHFULLY ridin’ with each other for 548 days as boyfriend & girlfriend, but 1,000+ days as genuine best friends. We developed a strong bond through friendship for 2 years prior to us dating without intimacy & lust being a factor, which is why we have such a great connection. Granted, all couples go thru ups & downs, argue, fight, etc., but the important thing is getting thru it TOGETHER as well as progressing your personal growth with them both individually and collectively. The reason I’m so open to sharing this part of my life with y’all is because I truly feel like we have all the things necessary for a HEALTHY & happy relationship fulfilled with mutual respect, love, and loyalty. That’s so extremely hard to come by now a days and it’s sad. And it doesn’t help that on top of that, a lot of “idolized” relationships out on social medias aren’t the best example of what a good relationship should consist of. It’s not about materialism and spending tons of cash on each other. It’s not about take the “perfect usies” so, you can become an overnight sensation. It’s not about sharing every single private detail about your relationship with the world (v.i.a social media). It’s about learning the person for who they truly are. It’s about accepting your differences and overcoming them with compromise. It’s about respecting each other as human beings as well as significant others (no name calling, cussing each other out, etc.) It’s about loving them through the good, bad, and ugly times. It’s about understanding that no one in this world is perfect, including you, but if you’re with someone who grinds every single day to be the “perfect person” for YOU… cherish that. And Lord knows I cherish this man with all my little heart! He’s legitimately everything I’ve ever wanted out of a guy and I know that sounds cliché, but I’m not lying to y’all! Quick S.N. yeaaarrrssss ago, wayyyyy before I even met Josh and I was in another relationship, I made a “What I WANT out of a Man/ What I NEED out of a Man” List on my laptop. & I’m an extremely detailed person so, I wrote hella requirements that my BF at the time wasn’t meeting. Will you tell me why EVERY SINGLE REQUIREMENT I put down, Josh possesses?! EVERY SINGLE ONE y’all! He’s never even seen that list before so, that’s how I know it’s real. I’ve been blessed w/ a man that truly loves and adores me. I could go on and on, but more “inside scoops” to our relationship will come later in time. Bottom line, we aren’t “Relationship Goals” because we have the “perfect relationship” or because nothing ever goes wrong. We’re “Relationship Goals” because we always manage to navigate through the hard times, we’re best friends 1st & lovers 2nd, we have an unwavering mutual respect for each other that never subsides, and we love one another pass the other’s flaws or “imperfections”. #MAJORKEY Perfection is unrealistic & attainable so, with that being said, seek someone who is a perfect FIT for you, who will stay by your side through it all and who will do everything in their power to make & keep you happy! Haha “Get you a Josh girl!” 😉



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