Reebok Just Leveled Up Its Beloved Beatnik Shoe


Last year, Reebok had a certifiable hit shoe with the Beatnik, a sharp design-forward take on the ever-popular mule. Plucking its silhouette from its archive, the beloved sneaker brand quickly wooed sneakerheads and menswear folks searching for a WFH shoe that was both stylish and comfortable. And now, Reebok has unveiled a new variation that has been revamped so that you can wear it all year long: The Beatnik Moc.

The Beatnik has been transformed from a simple mule to somewhere in slip-on shoe territory. Rebook closed the open back, and added both a pull tab and padded collar, so the Moc will fare much better in the rain, snow, or any generally unpleasant weather than its predecessor. However, the original shoe’s most recognizable feature—its exaggerated and rugged saw-tooth rubber sole—remains. The Moc is currently available in three colorways: a tonal all-black, a warm beige, a vibrant blue, and a collegiate gold. Each style is constructed from a luscious split panel suede and detailed stitching across the silhouette.

Part of the key to the Beatnik’s popularity was that it offered style and comfort at a time when a great WFH shoe was much needed. Now that a Great Return to Style is here, mules won’t entirely be left at home, but a desire for an easy-on, easy-off shoe that feels made for the outside world is still strong. The original Beatnik Mule has already earned its spot in the contemporary men’s footwear standard lineup, and the new Moc silhouette feels destined for a similar fate.

Beatnik moc in modern beige

Beatnik moc in modern beige

Reebok Classics Men Beatnik Moc Blue

Reebok Classics Men Beatnik Moc Yellow

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