Real Talk about Art School, living in Paris, Spirituality & other truths (French/English subs)


Hello lovelies! Thank you so much for your love, kind messages and questions these last few weeks. Today’s video is my second ever q & a on this channel in French/English where I get into detail about spirituality, getting into art school, the realities of living in Paris and why I seem more French than American sometimes 😉 I also got to give you guys some advice on how to be confident and brave in not caring about what people think of how you dress, etc which gave 16 year old me so much life!!! Quite a few of the questions I received were about being an art student/studying in France/language related so I tried to answer as much as possible, but I am truly, really sorry if I didn’t include your question! Leave a comment down below and I will either do a part two, or write to you to help you out. I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments what video YOU love most from The Purple Palace! It has been such a joy connecting with you all.
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Questions from the q & a
-Can you make a vid how to overcome fear of being different and how to be brave to wear what u want?

-Franchement j’hésitait à aller en école d’art parce qu’on m’as dit que y’avais rien a faire apres mais maintenant ça me donne trop envie ! tu pense que je pourrais faire quoi comme métier après?

-who/what are your inspirations for your art? Ans same with your life? Who inspires you? You’re latest video is so quirky and awesome!

-Is it too expensive to live in Paris? Or is it sustainable at long term? (for students and young people I mean) thanks xx

-Un excellent français pour une anglophone surtout dans ta prononciation, Je me demande est ce que ‘the enthusiasm’ des américains est vrai ou seulement cliché ?

-it’s interesting because you seem a lot more expressive in French and more timid in English but you were raised speaking English. Any other ways to get the accent/ pronunciation not sound so butchered?

-What are your favourite non touristy spots/things to do in and around Paris? Also, would you have any tips for someone living in France that doesn’t speak french haha?

-Hiiii, I wonder if the entry exam to get into French art school is difficult? Because I tend to worry before every exam. Can you describe your experience while getting the exam?
What’s your favorite book or author?

-Combien d’élèves êtes vous en tout, et combien dans la section si il y a (et merci de préciser les types je suis pas sûr de comprendre)meeeerci :))

-Do you believe in astrology and whats ur sign? Do u find urself spiritual? Did you ever expierence something that you couldn’t explain? Love your videos babe, sorry for being so vague hahah

-Did you have anything other than art you wanted to study? If so, how did you manage to decide for art? Thank you!



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