Putting an End to Racial Discrimination

racial equality

A future in which there is no race conflict

What a great world it would be if racial discrimination did not hold such a horrible position in our society! Most people say they’d like to be free of it, but how many of us are actually doing something to help bring about the abolition of this awful disease?

Everyone agrees that discrimination against races is bad, and that the world would be a better place if there were no such prejudice in existence. Numerous cruel acts are carried out with the intent of inflicting harm upon others. However, there are also subtle habits and actions resulting from learned behavior that contribute to racial discrimination in a more insidious way than those that arise from obvious malicious provocation. These are known as taught behaviors. These subtle habits, which are directly linked to our emotions, are easily imprinted into our hearts and brains in a way that is difficult to discern, and the majority of people are completely unaware of the true nature of what they are becoming as a result. Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the population has adopted this learnt habit and continues to do so.

Consider the following two examples:

One example is when a Caucasian police officer shoots a youngster who is of the Black race in what looks to be an unjustified shooting. This type of event is nearly often reported as a “white cop” shooting a “black kid” and is almost always described as such. This description instantaneously elicits feelings of wrath in the majority of people of the Black race toward Caucasian police officers and other members of the Caucasian race, regardless of race. What is more important than perceiving this as a “white against black” conflict is viewing it as a “right versus wrong” conflict instead. If, after an inquiry, it is determined that this police officer acted in an unlawful manner, he should be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly. The same holds true if it is determined that the adolescent was in the wrong and that the police officer was justified in shooting him, and then the law should deal with him as a result of that determination. The fact that someone is black or white should not be a significant consideration in any situation.

  1. A person or group of people of Arab heritage who are proponents of the Muslim religion carry out a conspiracy to detonate a bomb at a shopping mall, murdering hundreds of innocent people in the process. A vile image of all individuals of Arab heritage, as well as of all those from nations that practice the Muslim religion, is painted soon after the crime is committed by referring to the perpetrators as “Arab Muslims.” Instead of a crime being committed by a “Arab person (or persons) of Muslim heritage,” the transgression in this case was committed by a person (or persons) who deliberately committed a horrible crime against his fellow man. Once again, the initial focus should not be on the race.

Put an end to generalizing about entire groups.

However, one of the imperceptibly harmful ways we contribute to the advancement of racial discrimination is by labeling perpetrators according to their races rather than seeing them for what they truly are: individuals or groups of people who choose to commit atrocious crimes against their fellow citizens and communities. As a result of doing so, it inadvertently incites animosity toward entire races, cultures, and groups of people while also pitting them against one another. This contributes to the perpetuation of racial discrimination and prevents people from learning to approach one another with respect and without bias at the beginning.

Respectful communication is essential.

Another method of promoting racial discrimination is through the usage of slang phrases to characterize specific races that have grown acceptable and are frequently used among certain groups of people. Terms such as “niggers,” “chinks,” and “rednecks” are all terms that are so frequently used that it isn’t necessary to clarify what races are represented by each phrase. Others may claim that they only use these terms in a “fun and understanding way” within a restricted number of individuals, but others may claim that they use these terms in an intentionally nasty manner. However, no matter how these terms are used, they are all negative in character. This includes other terms that I may not be aware of that are also used as slang names for other races and that I am not aware of. They were originally created and utilized solely for the aim of degrading a person to the lowest possible level of existence, in order for them to feel completely worthless at the end of the process. As a result, it would be preferable if we worked to have these words permanently removed from the English language.

To begin, allow me to propose that we endeavor to transform “poor” taught behavior into “good” learnt behavior. Respect is essential: respect for oneself, respect for the people with whom we share this lovely planet, and, finally, respect for life itself.

Finally, there is a compelling argument for delving into this subject more. We must come to terms with the fact that we are all members of the same species: the human species. Our Father was creative in including all of our distinctions into His Creation in order to bring variety, spice, and individuality in our lives.


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