Paul Skorpen on spirituality today


Paul Skorpen on changes in spirituality and mysticism.

Born (1961) and raised in the USA. Earned degrees (USA, Maine) in philosophy and sociology (studied with Prof. Kyriacos Markides). After graduation, Paul lived for two years in Nepal and explored shamanism and tibetan buddhism with the University of Wisconsin (Madison). The path from Nepal lead to Cyprus, where Paul was invited to stay. He worked closely for 6 years with the Christian Mystic and Healer, Stylianos Atteshlis (a.k.a. Daskalos). A year after Daskalos’ passing (1995) Paul settled in Munich, Germany,and began with his wife Birgit, to teach and heal. In recent years Paul has developed a Spiritual Healing method, the Theosis Spiritual Healing Technique®, which is taught in Germany, Italy, Denmark and Austria. In addition to editing many of Daskalos’ books, Paul also contributed an article to ‘Der Tag an dem die Türme fielen – vom weisen Umgang mit den Polaritäten’ Knaur Verlag.



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