Paramount+ ‘Players’ clip: Nightfall goes to bat for Creamcheese


The world of Players gets a little bit bigger in “Nightfall,” the first season’s sixth episode, which comes to Paramount+ on Thursday. While much of the esports team drama so far with Fugitive Gaming has focused primarily on the struggles between Organizm (Da’Jour Jones) and Creamcheese (Misha Brooks), the latest episode shifts the focus over to the Fugitive player named in its title.

Nightfall’s (Youngbin Chung) history with the team and his strong connection to Creamcheese step into the spotlight as Players continues to paint an increasingly detailed picture of the journey that Fugitive was on before Org showed up, and how it’s changed since the 17-year-old phenom’s arrival.

This clip, which Paramount exclusively shared with Mashable, doesn’t spoil the episode’s surprises, but it does set the tone for what to expect. It’s easy to root for Org as the soft-spoken underdog to Creamcheese’s brashness and arrogance. Watching this clip, it’s fair to wonder why Nightfall would so vehemently defend his longtime teammate. Those answers are coming soon.

New episodes of Players premiere every Thursday on Paramount+.

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