October 2020 // Cards of the Month — Amanda Linette Meder


The first card in this Journey of life is 1 – The Past, and I find this fitting because most good journeys start with some sort of resolution with the past. 

The final card in the Journey, number 60, ends in true Spirit fashion. It is a Trust card. 

The World of Spirit is always asking for trust, and usually confronting fears of the past is what brings that trust forward.

All this plays into our overarching card, because 12 is the Completion card, and it comes fairly early in the Journey of the Wolf. 

The Original Wolf Pack Tarot Deck Illustrated is filled with breaks for victory pretty evenly throughout the deck, and this is one such card. 

Neither The Original Wolf Pack Tarot Deck Illustrated nor The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck, comes with a guidebook.

Instead, the supporting messages of the deck are written right on the cards themselves at the top. 

The Completion card reads:

A time of reward. Opportunity, success, money, good health. Love. A stranger brings good news. The completion of lessons finally learned. A feeling of self-satisfaction concerning a job well done. 

This is incredibly positive, and not all Wolf Pack Cards are so positive.

To have such a deck provide such a positive, balanced card, I would expect to experience overall delightful energy this month. 

The art on the card goes further. It shows a Wolf who appears contented, next to a carcass, suggesting he may have just eaten a full meal and is now satisfied and full. 

Birds circle about, but he sits with them pleased, resting with his paws out in front of him. He seems fine if they take the food, as he’s satisfied.

With this card as the overarching energy, expect this feeling or events that produce such a feeling to weave all throughout your month. 

Keep this feeling as the goal energy this month. 

If I just saw this card for the whole month, I would have no worries for you at all, we could end the interpretation here.

If you want to stop reading now, rest and enjoy the sensation and knowledge of completion. I would know good things are coming to you this month, perhaps some as surprises. 

This looks really good to start – but if you want to know more, let’s move into the energy throughout the month that may be present to be aware of. 

The Past, what energy is moving out

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