November 19th Full Moon ECLIPSE! 5 Things You Need to Know 🌕✨


Humanity has long held a fascination with the Moon. The Moon is, of course, the closest celestial body to Earth, and regardless of speculations as to its true origin, its gravitational pull and energy has long been known to have an impact on everything from the Oceans tides, farming and fishing practices, to personal moods, energy levels, and manifestation results.

While each phase of the Lunar Cycle carries a unique energetic significance, the moons energy is by far the most noticeable around the time of the Full Moon.

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The Full Moon is a high energy time, so it presents a unique window of opportunity for raising your vibrational frequency and attracting more of what you desire into your life. 

All the potential is here for you, its just up to you to tune in!   

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