Newspaper headlines, prayers, street scenes following US attack.


1. Various of Muslim cleric preaching at Friday prayers
2. Muslims praying
3. Baghdad street scenes, various
4. Baghdad cafe with people reading newspapers
5. People reading newspapers
6. People playing game in cafe
7. Exterior of mosque
Iraqis went to Friday prayers in Baghdad to pray for relief from sanctions imposed by the West at the end of the Gulf War in 1991.
An official Iraqi newspaper said on Friday the terror attacks in New York and Washington were a natural outcome of the United States’ involvement in the affairs of other countries.
Earlier, President Saddam Hussein had described the attacks as “a natural harvest of the killings and devastation sown by successive American administrations in different parts of the world”.
In contrast with virtually every other world nation, Iraq, which the U-S has regularly bombed since the Gulf War, has gloated over the attacks, saying the “American Cowboy” deserved them for “crimes against humanity”.

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