Newspaper headlines in the US


1. Sign for the Washington Times with digital display showing newspaper headlines
2. Wide pan of printing press
3. Bundle of papers being taken off the production line and placed on ground, headline reads: “Night on the edge”
4. Various of bundles of papers being placed on trolley
5. Long stream of paper being fed across rollers through large machine
6. Bundle of papers going past camera along production line
7. Man reading newspaper
8. Wide shot of printing press


The Washington Times newspaper on Wednesday morning summed up the election night atmosphere in the U.S. with the headline “Night on the edge.”

Wednesday’s early morning edition of the paper rolled off the presses just before midnight local time on Tuesday (0430 GMT Wednesday).

The U.S. presidential race was still to close to call, but challenger Senator John Kerry’s options were dwindling as Bush won Florida – and Ohio loomed as this year’s decisive state.

Four years ago George W. Bush won Florida after only a 36-day recount and Supreme Court decision. This year, as incumbent president, he won Florida again.

Kerry hung on to the Democratic prize of Pennsylvania, but had precious few places to pick up electoral votes that went Republican in 2000 – Ohio and Nevada.

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