'My Spiritual Journey' Part 1/2, Sri M – Excerpt from the satsang on The Spiritual Journey, USA 2017


Sri M speaks about his own spiritual journey, of his spiritual experiences from childhood, the first meeting with his master Maheshwarnath Babaji at the age of 9, his experiences after and his travel, far away to the Himalayas, in search of the master whom he met when he was just a child.

This session is an excerpt from the satsang on ‘The Spiritual Journey’ which took place in the Shirdi Sai Temple, Atlanta, USA August 2017

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About Sri M
Born in India, Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer, educator and writer. He first met his Master at the age of nine under the jackfruit tree, in the compound of his house in Thiruvananthapuram in the Indian coastal state of Kerala.

The full account of his astonishing and amazing experiences are published in his memoir from 2011 titled “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography“, which became an instant bestseller. He has written a sequel to his autobiography, titled “Sri M – The journey continues”. He has written two more books – Shunya, his first novel and his latest one being – ‘On Meditation’, a book which answers questions on meditation.

Sri M has traveled the world fulfilling his life’s mission to teach and guide people as instructed by his Master, Maheswarnath Babaji. Over the years, Sri M’s mission as a spiritual guide, social reformer and educator have given rise to many initiatives including:
– high-quality, multi-lingual education, free to rural children
– Satsang Rural School – an unique and innovative approach to education.
– Co-educational, residential school committed to providing in-depth exploration of knowledge.
– Affordable, preventive and curative holistic health care

In 2015, Sri M went on a 16-month journey, Walk of Hope, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, spanning 5000 miles across 11 states of India, to bring attention to humanity’s need for peace, harmony and tolerance.

Sri M says: “Go to the core. Theories are of no use.” His message seeks to transcend the outer-shell of all religions, by exploring their mystical essence and thus nurture the innate goodness in every human being.To know more about Sri M and his programs, please log on to :



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