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In this video, Sadhguru talks about how to measure one’s spiritual growth on a daily basis, and become more available to the life process.

Sadhguru Talks @ IE Program, USA, Los Angeles, Aug 2009



Questioner: How do you measure… one measures their own spiritual progress at individual level?

Sadhguru: Oh, you want a meter? We’ll give you a meter. Don’t worry about your spiritual progress. There is no such thing as spiritual progress. Are you becoming more available to it, that’s all the question is. Let’s not talk about something which is not in your experience because if I talk about something which is not yet in your experience there are only two options – either to believe me or disbelieve me, isn’t it? Believing doesn’t get you any closer, disbelieving doesn’t get you any closer. So let’s talk about something that is in our experience. What condition, what state of mind, emotion, body and let’s leave the energy because that’s not in your experience – what condition of your body, mind and emotion makes you more available to life than the way you are right now? You tell me? If you are sad, do you become more available? If you are tense do you become more available? If you are peaceful do you become more available? If you are blissful do you become more available?

In which condition would you become more available to the life process? If you are in utmost pleasantness you become more and more available to everything around you. Isn’t it so? Right now you are feeling very happy, this one comes and asks some stupid question, you are okay with her. That one comes and asks something else, you are okay with her also. This one comes and asks something, you are okay with that also. You are in a certain state of unpleasantness, you are irritated, frustrated, angry, depressed about something, this one comes and even tries to say something nice to you, poofff, this’ll go. Yes or no? Even to simple aspects of life you are more available only when you’re in a certain state of pleasantness, isn’t it? So let’s measure by that standard.

If by the day if you are becoming a more joyful human being – you keep accounts of this on a daily basis, ‘From yesterday to today, am I little more joyful?’ If you’re keeping accounts and if you are becoming more and more joyful by the day and your face, instead of becoming like this, is…slowly is becoming like this, that means you’re progressing. Yes, you are definitely progressing; because spirituality is not some nonsense up there, it is about becoming available to life process in its fullest possibility, not just to the physicality, not just to the mentality, to becoming available to life process in its fullest scope – this is spirituality.

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