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The High Priestess

This brings us to our present card, representing where things are now, and we have The High Priestess, one of my favorite cards of the deck.

If you swipe right on the above image, pictured is the original Rider Waite card for The High Priestess.

The original High Priestess is a woman draped in white and blue, symbolizing calm and purity or truth, with a moon at her feet. She’s surrounded by pillars and pomegranates, the fruit of life. 

She carries a book of knowledge on her lap. Behind her and around her are signs of vitality and prosperity.

This is a person who has trusted their intuition, and others trust their intuition, enough that they have some comforts.

This card is the epitome of embodying intuition. 

When The High Priestess appears in any reading is often asking the reader to step into their own High Priestess, their higher knowing, and into their seat of power and inner wisdom. 

The High Priestess symbolizes inner wisdom, brilliance, and divine connection and mystery.

Whenever you see this card, there is always an element of asking the reader to turn into their own mystery now and trust it.

It’s a powerful card to appear in the present position and also a sign that the intuitive powers needed in the last card to make a decision, are now here – loud and clear.

The High Priestess Card in The Philly Tarot is portrayed by National Public Radio’s Terry Gross.

In the guidebook, Tomaine writes Gross serves as a reminder to listen closely to others, and also to your own inner wisdom. 

Boyle chooses to dress Philly’s The High Priestess in mostly red and black clothing rather than blue and white, and I find this interesting.

Black often symbolizes the unknown, or not yet created, and red, security, and even comfort.

To dress Philly’s intuitive queen, The High Priestess, in colors of embracing the unknown and security, I think says a lot about what the goal of The High Priestess card really is.

With The High Priestess, we can be at one with and find comfort and security in the mystery.

This card suggests that now is the time to step into the spiral trusting your own High Priestess. The more you can let go and do that, usually, the more peace you have, the more quickly you can roll with the ball of life that keeps moving forward.

Both cards have in common the book of knowledge, which is on their lap, is closed. It’s there, but it’s not open. 

This symbolizes there is a value set each cherishes and refers to. Still, the characters are currently sitting in peace, not looking at this set of wisdom, they’re just holding onto them and being reminded it is there to support. 

Do you have a book of knowledge? Or a set of wisdom codes you know to be true? If so, remember this book can guide you through, and it may even remind you of your own connection to the mystery that you can access now.

Step into your intuitive power and mystery. If you were waiting to make a move until more information was known, as indicated by the last card, your intuition is here, and best of all, it’s in High Priestess mode.

You have all you need to make a choice, and when you do, it will be surrounded by pillars of support, the fruit of life and balance. 

Surrounded in pillars, the fruit of life, and draped in comfort clothes, there is some evidence that the answers of inner wisdom have already been available to you in the past. This gateway of knowing is back now, and asking you to step in.

With The High Priestess in the present position, know there is nothing to fear. This card indicates you have all the answers, from the book of life in your hands, to the wisdom of the mystery at your feet. 

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