Mary Magdalene and The Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness


Throughout history, Mary Magdalene has long been a figure of fascination, mystery, and reverence. Her depiction has seen many transformations throughout time, each reflecting the society and mindset of the period.

Interpretations of Mary Magdalene’s identity vary profoundly, from being one of Master Jesus’ closest disciples and a wise woman, to a repentant prostitute and sinner, a spiritual guide, and even a symbol of the Divine Feminine.

However, irrespective of these differing images, her essence as a paragon of spiritual power, specifically tied to the feminine principle, and the feminine aspect of divinity, remains consistent.

Mary Magdalene is one of my beloved spiritual guides, and is powerful, compassionate, and empowering Divine Mother for our times. She works closely with the angelic realms, and today, her light, Shakti, and her unwavering service to humanity are not only profound but also incredibly relevant, needed, and available to all.

Mary Magdalene’s wisdom and magic, her strength and peace, provide a guiding light, illuminating the path for humanity towards our awakening, spiritual transformation and ascension.

Mary Magdalene is a tower of strength and a pillar of peace.

But why is such a powerful spiritual figure so misunderstood?

Mary Magdalene: A Misunderstood Master

In her time, Mary Magdalene was a spiritual teacher of immense power and wisdom. However, she lived in an era when women were largely silenced and not allowed to be spiritual teachers.

Despite societal norms, her fervor, courage, and unwavering devotion made her a beacon of spiritual light. Known by many as a powerful healer and teacher, she was also a close, if not the closest companion and disciple of Master Jesus.

Today, the Catholic Church, despite their historically distorted portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a repentant sinner, acknowledge her pivotal role in Christ’s resurrection story and honor her as a saint, her feast day is July 22.

Forget the stories you may have heard about Mary Magdalene as being a prostitute. The Vatican itself has publicly disavowed this notion, albeit belatedly, not until the 1960s affirming that the depiction of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute lacks biblical substantiation. This erroneous depiction originated from an early Pope Gregory, who mistakenly conflated Mary Magdalene with another biblical woman who had a past as a prostitute, thus igniting the enduring myth.

Beyond the Old and New Testament – The Gospel of Mary

Modern researchers have diligently examined various early Christian Gnostic texts or “codices” originating from the second century. One fragment from a preserved codex is the Gospel of Mary, not included in the canonical gospels included Bible today.

In this text, Mary Magdalene shares a vision with the disciples, filled with profound spiritual insights and teachings. Here she is portrayed as a source of wisdom and a leader among the apostles. Her voice in these ancient scriptures debunks the long-held misconceptions about her character and reaffirms her integral role in the early Christian movement.

Such reconsideration of Mary Magdalene’s narrative reflects the evolving attitudes towards female leadership within religious and spiritual domains. It underscores the necessity for a more harmonious and inclusive approach to spiritual doctrines, one that recognizes and values the Divine Feminine as a fundamental component of the spiritual entirety.

Celebrating Mary Magdalene: A Feast of Divine Feminine Wisdom

Since, 2016, Mary Magdalene’s feast day is observed every July 22nd.

With the Feast of Mary Magdalene, she is rightly recognized for her close discipleship with Jesus, and the first to witness and announce His resurrection. She is also honored for her role as a prominent figure in the early Christian movement. Her contribution reflects her devotion, spiritual adeptness and the pivotal role she played, often hidden from the uninitiated.

In an act signifying the renewed understanding and appreciation of her role, Pope Francis elevated the liturgical commemoration of Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast day. This brought her status in line with the apostles, emphasizing her paramount contribution as an “Apostle to the Apostles,” the first witness of Christ’s resurrection, and a crucial messenger of His teachings.

It was a momentous step in acknowledging the Divine Feminine within the largely patriarchal narrative of the church.

On her feast day, many choose to reflect on Mary Magdalene’s life journey – from her transformation and redemption to her steadfast faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

This sacred day also serves to honor and connect with the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. It encourages us to embrace the qualities associated with this energy – compassion, intuition, creativity, wisdom, and spiritual insight – as Mary Magdalene herself did.

It is a day to honor not just Mary Magdalene, but also the divine feminine aspect in each one of us, reminding us of our own spiritual potential.

In observing Mary Magdalene’s feast day, we cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine, nurturing our own spiritual growth and fostering a more inclusive and equitable understanding of spirituality. As we honor Mary Magdalene, we also celebrate the often unacknowledged feminine aspects of the Divine, renewing our commitment to integrate these energies into our lives and spiritual practices.

Thus, Mary Magdalene’s feast day is not only a celebration of her life and teachings but also an opportunity to revere and connect with the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, encouraging each one of us to seek spiritual balance, wisdom, and inclusivity.

Mary Magdalene and Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

In today’s world, where we stand at the precipice of a global shift in consciousness, Mary Magdalene’s teachings take on new significance. As one of the most active Divine Feminine teachers in the Christ Light stream, she continues to serve and guide humanity through awakening and into the ascension process.

The Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, embodied by Mary Magdalene, promotes healing, compassion, and the integration of all aspects of our being. It speaks to the awakening of the heart and the embodiment of love, illuminating our paths towards spiritual enlightenment.

Connecting with Mary Magdalene

To connect with Mary Magdalene’s presence, energetic transmission and powerful teachings, love is the key.

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You can also strengthen your connection with her through deep reverence in Nature, looking for and seeing the underlying beauty, light and energy within all.

Honor Mary Magdalene by awakening love within your own heart center, embodying your Soul essence, and remembering your direct connection to God, Goddess, Spirit, that is within you and within all.

Practicing mindfulness, heart-centered meditation, and other spiritual practices can help cultivate a strong and intimate connection with Mary Magdalene. Invoking her presence during these practices can amplify your spiritual journey, helping you to tap into your own divine feminine energy and awaken the Christ Consciousness within.

Mary Magdalene is much more than just a historical figure. She is an active embodiment of divine feminine power, a beacon of Christ Light, and a powerful spiritual guide, ushering us all towards a higher level of awareness, remembrance, and embodiment of the Truth.

Across the lines of time, the teachings, stories, and living energy of Mary Magdalene continues be an illuminating force of light, reminding us of the profound power of love, compassion, devotion, and spiritual awakening available to us all.

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


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