March 2020 // Cards of the Month — Amanda Linette Meder


The Fool

The first Card this month has got to be one of my favorites in all the Tarot. The Fool is such an opportunistic, proud, and fun card. 

This Card comes from the Tarot Illuminati Deck, art by Erik C. Dunne, complete with a full-size book. Both the book and the deck are incredibly rich with vivid embedded imagery embedded.

I got The Tarot Illuminati Deck as a gift from my mom, and it’s one of the Tarot Decks I learned to read on.

While I think everyone needs a standard Rider-Waite to cross-reference, I think The Tarot Illuminati fits for readers who want to work on their symbolism development.

It also works for those working with lots of new clients, or clients that may be difficult to read for one reason or another, because the images are incredibly detailed. 

There is much symbolism you can pull out of each Card, making it easier to interpret the images based just on the artwork.

The art of this deck gives you a lot to go on for interpreting what the Card means if, for any reason, you are ever in the absence of any book, it’s been a long time since you interpreted the Card or you have never interpreted the Card before.

But to me, in general, The Fool symbolizes you’ve started a journey where not all the facts are known, yet there is confidence the journey will uncover said information, and also, you’ll have the tools to deal with it when said information comes along. 

It’s a very lofty, almost arrogant card, and still, it feels like the journeyperson in this Card has been on other missions and won, so they have the confidence they can get to win this one too. 

When going on a new journey, you do need a certain level of arrogance, a belief you can do it. 

Arrogance is nothing more than having a slightly exaggerated self of one’s worth or importance, which is to me, very similar to the energy needed in self-marketing, promotion, and putting a little bit of extra oomph into your work. 

So if you are feeling a little proud this month, let it show.

The Sun Card sometimes equated similar with the Fool Card. To me, the Fool Card is unlike The Sun Card, which suggests a fresh baby completely naive.

The Fool is more, to me, a young Impala up for another round the Savanna.

Whenever I see The Fool, it also means the journey in question has already started. The Fool has made up their mind, they are dressed, and they are already on their way.

With that in mind, this month, this Card indicates you are confidently and slightly arrogantly, however, earned, going on a journey, but it’s going to be okay – look at the character on the Card. 

The whole Card here symbolizes a character of some wealth, with a satchel, noting there are supplies available, in a destination place dreams are made of. There is also a semi-expensive looking dog nearby. 

The dog represents a loyal, enthusiastic friend that has manifested for this exact part of the plan. So look around, you aren’t on the journey alone, nor will this journey necessarily be bleak. 

This Card suggests some preparations occurred, the satchel, and that given the dress, you’ll probably be quite comfortable as you go on the journey, and it might be beautiful too, given the scene suggesting a wealth of beauty.

You may even have entertainment in the form of this friend at your leg. 

The Fool Card symbolizes someone who is going somewhere to learn new things, the kind of things you couldn’t know that you didn’t know, until after the journey.

So this Card also symbolizes a person who is somewhat right on the cusp of a sort of Hero’s Journey, where when complete, they’ll be wiser, more respected, and at the very least, have come to know, see and feel more than they have before. 

If you have just started to dig into a project, or if you are thinking of one that you already have been working on:

It may take going one more extra mile to complete, but you have some provisions to do it and the proof of past successes boosting your confidence that you can get it done. Tap into this feeling. 

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