Ma Anand Sheela Interview: “Spirituality Was Never My Cup Of Tea” | Wild Wild Country | Netflix


Ma Anand Sheela is back and how! Raw, honest & complicated – who really is Ma Anand Sheela? The controversial former secretary to Bhagwan Rajneesh has returned to India after 34 years. HerZindagi’s Megha Mamgain met Ma Sheela for a conversation that revolved around her life and who she really is today. She minces no words, is defiant at the face of criticism but wants to world to move on from the controversies of the past – the Ashram, Rajneesh, Oregon, the ranch and the sex orgies. In this captivating conversation, Ma Anand Sheela opens up about her love for Rajneesh and why morals and values have little place in her life.
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