Live Action Getup: Summer Blues


Words & Photos by Andrew Snavely

As social distancing continues into the summer, many of us have become used to the work-from-home lifestyle. As we’ve observed, staying at home has its advantages, but it comes with its challenges too – which is why we’re also seeing a resurgence of creature comforts like mac and cheese, frozen pizza, and your favorite pair of sweatpants.

And why bother changing out of those sweatpants now that all your work interactions are confined to video conferences? Zoom calls aside, why bother looking presentable at all? Well, if you believe (as we do) that looking good doesn’t have to come at the expense of comfort, the question then becomes: Why not?

Having worked at home for over nine years, I’ve noticed that I’m much more productive when I put on a real outfit, shoes and all. In fact, scientific research has shown that our clothing has a real effect on our mood, behavior, and attitudes (and we all could use a leg up in these times). It’s in that spirit that this comfortable and casual Getup transitions you into summer not only looking good but feeling good, too. 

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