'Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation' trailer brings sunshine and lightsabers to Disney+


A still from the Disney+ special

If you enjoyed the cute “Wholesome Robot Chicken” vibes of 2020’s Lego Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+, then you’re really going to like this news.

The Lego-fied Star Wars gang is returning to Disney+ this summer in Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation. Our first look at the special in this newly released trailer offers a mix of cute antics, like Darth Vader replacing a limbo stick with his lightsaber, and weird-but-welcome Star Wars deep cuts, like when the Max Rebo Band unexpectedly shows up.

The Summer Vacation special, which also features “Scarif Beach Party,” an original song from “Weird Al” Yankovic that nods to the Rogue One location, starts streaming on Aug. 5 via Disney+.

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